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Virus free DOWNLOAD

Avast! Internet Security Premier 2016 final

Appropriate security patches on modern military grade data destruction and automatic software updates as well as antivirus, Firewall and network security first. Avast! Only the biggest names in antivirus actively protect more than 200 million PCs, Macs, and Android.

PC, antivirus and security:

antivirus smart

Unlike the wide range of risk of infection by malware terrible. Yes, spyware, ransomware attacks and phishing.

NEW Cyber ​​capture

Identify risk individuals. To send the recording obscure Labs risk health experts broke our remote chance that they are not safe.

System Security

If your switch according to the risks? We will let you know. Otherwise, no one can break into your system, and everything associated with it.

smart sweep

Help is final. Please check your computer system for a wide range of issues in just a simple SNAP.


Tighten your path ahead to keep crooks out of your home, so why should your PC performance? Firewall protection against a wide range of intruders.

The cleaning

throwing off toolbars, components and extended and will not deliver without your permission.


Always download records Server shade and estimated it as inconveniences? Records check to start at the stable, and keep what’s left of your computer security.


Too many passwords, none of which are protected? It’s very easy. Remember, only one, passwords and the health care of the rest.
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Software updates automatically

The Internet is loaded with extensive assistance to security in the form of adventure outdated. The key is to be faster than the program. Of course.

Data Shredder

Do you share your computer, repair it, or they will have to offer? It is difficult to recover, but deleted records is for your eyes as it were. Wipe forever.

Installation and maintenance of financial security:


Settings can be changed, you connect to the website fake. Why? So the program can take your attitude elements subtle silver. SecureDNS keep your money to save the Internet safely.


Spam is not just annoying. It can also be dangerous. Chef makes you and your money safe from dangerous phishing messages.

SafeZone project

To adjust for scanning, bank and shop. The number of devices to provide additional insurance, decide the safest browser is the SafeZone.

New in this version (Nitro updated)

The monthly updated automatically (default) parameters typical elevation settings

Fully compatible with Windows 10 Update birthday

New elements set menu – a simple way to control elements are installed and operating


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