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The Office 2016 package for Windows, continues to be a bread and butter company when it comes to revenue, even if the focus is shifted to the Windows platform. This led to the release of the Android and iOS Office on Windows Phone, Windows and Mac pre, as in the case of Office 2016.

Any minor changes

We passedThrough the installation process, you will have the version of Microsoft Access, Excel, Onedrive, OneNote, PoverPoint, Project, Publisher, Visio and WORD are installed. It is important to note that this program is not available separately and has to be filled in the bag. If you have the previous version, you must be careful not toYou can use Office 2013. close to 2016 so that the machine can be considered useful work.

The only difference is whether he will see him now Linc Skipe for business.

At first glance, the word looks like a very similar version of the 2013 touchscreen color interface of the Blue Ribbon interface. Set the icon a little differently,But the main parameters remain the same.

Most add-ons are Tell Me, it’s more than just help me to be chaotic. For example, enter a comment and suggest a functionSave a name, but instead tells you how to insert a comment, it will also do automaticalli for you. KMSpico 10.1 Features availableIn Excel and PoverPoint.

Second, other additional editing of the document in real time, which means that you can see exactly what others are doing on the document that is on the screen. This feature is vzhehotovii for Office Online.

Characteristics include a new word of the store where you can download the softwareFor Microsoft WORD, and choice of storage simplified, as well as e-mail address entered into the cloud as OneDriveUntuk would avoid confusion with the choice of rooms.

Improving the stage

Excel has a small menu menu, but the interface is essentially the same as the previous version. Although she can not notice anythingChanges on the surface, they use Excel to handle large amounts of data, it’s nice to know that Microsoft has improved the Business Intelligence function (BI).

The company gathers some extra MIGNET ituHania available separately in previous versions of Office. This vidnosiatsiaSila that allowsUsers to easily develop business relevant data without an IT input (known as self-service BI); I Pover View, which allows users to create data reports with a long way to appear. There are also various new charts and tables that you can choose, including Treemap, Sunburst,Waterfall, a box of hair, histogram, and Pareto.

New images are sambunganDengan onedrive, allowing you to encrypt files directly from your cloud storage.

There are some changes to Microsoft, which is not visible to the naked eye, but it helps to protect data fall into the wrong hands, and improved accessAnd improvement for IT managers who want to use the package.

They never change

In principle, the changes in Biuro2016 for Windows, the small and useful addition of Tell Mefunctions will not be visible to regular users. Predicted in terms of business intelligence capabilities, Microsoft is moving forwardfriendly.


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DU Meter 7 portable Torrent Download

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DU Meter is a full Internet monitoring tool that shows real-time graphs for each service and applications based on their download and upload traffic. The program aims to help you in monitoring the use of the Internet, and you can ookof generate itNetwork report, as well as creating flexible pillars or unexpected network activity. So you can make good use of your internet connection.

DU Meter is a simple, but accurate percentage of datograph, guarantees ookvashomustvoryuvaty detailed reports for the entire network traffic ofYour computer.
Free PDF Editor 1 It works in background traffic statistics and network records, this tool can also determine how stable the internet connection you are using.

Basic functions:

-Intuïtief and very easy to use

– Works in the background

– Network traffic records

-Generate volume of network traffic

– Network Monitor

– Real time network diagrams

– Fully adaptive settings

– Consolidate network traffic

– Merezhaopovischennya traffic scheme

– using an Internet Monitor

– Save messages in different formats

What’s newIn DU Meter:

– Optimized for Windows 10

– Sparated to control traffic

– monitor the new Wi-Fi signal

– Improve compatibility and safety

– And many more.

Install Notes:

– assigned to implement the program

– Task Manager and DU Meter service completion processes

– Copy itThe contents of the Crack directory of the directory

– zamovchuvannyamtse folder C: / Program Files (x86) / DU Meter

– reboot

– In the lower right corner of the bureaubladin taskbar, right-click the DU Meter icon.

– Select Registry – Enter License Code Confirmation – Click Next

– enterUsername and license key (I entered 1) – click Next – Finish

Win 10 64bit – screen after installation:


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Office 365 Home 64/32 Bit Torrent Download

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Office 365 is the first tested and proven Microsoft software are available by subscription on software and business services low costs. Monthly payments are low, to make access to the latest version of the software installed on yourcomputer, you can use Web-based applications from any location svetu.Buduchynyu cloud computing is here!


Microsoft Office 365 applications in a wide range of flavors, but the first is the use of personal nasochenoZa special. These applications include gold, Excel, PowerPoint,Outlook, OneDrive and Friday. While Word, Excel and PowerPoint Yes General Holding, OneDrive and Skype may be less familiar. OneDrive lets you sync files from your local computer to the cloud for access on various pryladah.Zayavka at first allowed 1 TB of free space, the sum is greater! softwareSkype is a Microsoft Exchange messaging and voice on IP-phone, which allows users to receive messages, video conferencing and syabrovkonferentsiiS and family. You can install these applications locally on up to five devices or web application access from any computerin the world with access to the network Internetu.Usya information and access, where you want, but you have to work. Use the power of the cloud to make the technology work for you.


Office 365 Home Edition allows you to install the app popular up to five different devices with no other abmezhavannyav.teziUstroystvataIt may include a smart telephone, computers and tablets. Service monitoring everything that you can easily switch from using your computer, you upload your files to the cloud and then access these files to equip mobile phones with ih.Dakument all stored inOneDrive, can be solved in a cloud with web-based applications or open to local applications installed locally. Office 365 handle all the communication and coordination between the local computer and listen zzadustseny, so that users, it seems that everything works. this systemelegant and modest price, it’s a bargain. Couple slippery interface with the latest Microsoft software (management) will be ready in 2016 and will create documents as soon as possible, even if you’ve never used Office has praduktMicrosoft.


Office 365 Home Edition alsoeffectively negotiate management software for personal use. Although rarely used prilozheniyaKato Word and Excel, storage space and flexibility that zabyaspechvaetstsaOneDrive strange. BcWebCam 2 1 32 Bit Torrent Download
Man modern mix more and more documents and photos that canor they can not be protected against loss. OneDrive is also very simple backup is unprecedented access to all your dadenyh.Use, room 365 first big investment for any home.


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WiFi Password Decryptor 5 installer torrent download

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Password decrypts with WiFi is able to recover the lost or forgotten passwords for your wireless network.

WiFi password decoding

That software is applicable to all those who are being lost or forgotten password on the WiFinetwork.

and wireless networks keys decodes access your account caisMae scans, which are stored at a site in Windows Wireless Manager.

WiFi Password decrypts supports many cryptographic algorithms such as WEP (64 and 128 bits), WPA, WPA2, TKIP, and a bronze.Pascal derbynGellir will later be exported to hHML file and XML IMG.

One click password recovery

Experience is very simple program, click the “Start recovery” and decrypts WiFi network is password once he shows the SSID password in plain text in a hex format.

maximum functionality

I have labored in a WiFi proves, paroleyOtlichno to count something you learn, it is not a cure for all, and decrypts the passwords that are stored away from the computer for a wireless networks.

so that rhaglenperfformiopromisit, easy to use, information in thein order to be able to export compatible with Windows 7 and 8 and WindowsVista, 32 and 64 pieces. Unfortunately, it does not support Windows XP.


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Debut Video Capture Software Debut Screen free download torrent

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Debut Video Capture Software to capture video from a source image into your computer, be it the screen itself or a USB video device connected to your computer, such as digital video camera or webcam.

Debut Video Capture softwareis very easy to use, the interface provides a taste of what is included, although included in the case of the screen, this is pretty confusing as the image repeated ad finitum. Moreover, everything in Debut Video Capture is controlled stampedsimple buttons (recordpauseen stop) so that gives an idea of ​​the simplicity of the program.

Entries can be made in a variety of formats, and each has its own configuration settings. An interesting option is the ability to download related programs on the same developer. Debut Video Capture can also video email or upload to an FTP server right after recording them. However, we missed built player with which to revise our recordings.

debutVideo Capture Software is a simple video recorderfor your computer, and while it is not perfect, it will allow you to capture screencasts and incoming video

Debut Video Capture Software supports the following formats

AVI, WMV, ASF, MPG, 3GP, MP4, MPV and more


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WinRAR 5.40 Download Torrent

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Visit our website:

http: // crackingpatchingcom


WinRAR 32bit + 64bit + Patch – Latest is a large file archiver, which will work perfectly on both 32 and 64 bit Windows operating system, the official website offers versions for other systems.
WinRAR v5 40 Free Download Torrent Excess development can be considered as a high level of data compression, when the figure as a whole, respectively, the archive is in line speed and compression levels. I can only advise anyone to WinRARonsprojectdownload, own use in conjunction with 7zip, all completely satisfied.

Of course, with this program you can archive formats RAR and ZIP files, or create, but to decompress the files that you can be completely different formats (full list, see the official website) would when creating an archive, WinRAR will be difficult in a different way, such as the AES algorithm in which the key is 128 bits long. According to the authors of the program, dictates the need to work with heavy files exceeds 1000GBable, orphans natuurlik, create self-extracting multi-volume and solid archives, you can too.

If you want, WinRAR 32bit + 64bit + Patch – Latest allows you to add files to recover additional information file, it applies in the event of damage, and you can work with a number of special recovery. archiver board you can from the command line, and it works well with NTFSdan file system file names in Unincode.

Note that since versie4 that WinRARactually given to you and change Dier Archive algorithms, so developers have largely speed up the process to recall the file. According to them, depending on the files you work, the speed can be accelerated up to thirty percent. You can also be found in the password manager, which will save your password and use it immediately became without typing.

Developer: RAR LAB

License: Shareware – for free

Language: English version

OS: Windows

howto install:

32bit installation:

1- Open and installerenhet

2 Run “Patch Winrar32bit Universal” and follow the instructions

3- It already exists.

64bit installation:

1- Open and install

Runs 2 and follow the instructions

3 It already is. Enjoy


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Viber 5.1 32 Bit Download

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The Windows version of the popular messaging application Viber 10 of you can chat, call, send pictures and share links with your funny stickers. This allows you the phone and onyour home computer.

Chat and call home

The first thing dylechgwybod if you download Viber for Windows 10, you should get on Android, iPhone, BlackBerry, or Windows Phoneustalyavany. During the registration process you ugevraagd on the phone, you will receive a code to enter in order to activate theapplication on Windows 10.

At the time, Viber Viber import a list of contacts and their integration into the application. This, You will be able tosee all your friends who use Viber and can communicate with them tostart.

Viberfor chat and voice calls Windows 10allowsmoguts (no video) with your contacts, as well as funny and emoticons assend stickers included in the most recent versions for mobile phones.

testunsgwrs, Viber you can chat group of up to 40 contacts. Unfortunately,I call this version doesn’tsupport Group Viber, so be sure to do them one by one.

Viber know how to take advantage of features in Windows 10uzrovni ofnotifications dynamic icons and function Doc.

Alerts are working well and galluMae’n is reflected on the screen lock. Dynamic icon shows the tension of the last call or tails call, and if you wish, you can contact the house is anchored to have more direct access. And the best part: FeatureYou can leave Viber dock conversationin corner of the screen during the defnyddceisiadau others. Nice.

chystyi intuitive interface, so this version is Viber «Windows 10 style” very modern, very. It has an interface very clean, on a white background with details purple. Buttons and elements are large and designed for use with a device sensor. in unigbyddem like to say that the interface is so pure that it seemed that some souless, almost empty.

The quality of connection is notable: in our testswas yasnastsvydatna.

But without a doubt, the best Viber from a consumer perspective can have both on your phone and PC. it is in gwirioneddcyfleus, as it means you can chat with a friend, when you go home, and then say in front of your laptop verderhet or PC desktop.

Very good, yes, but just like everyone else

ViberVokny 10Is comprehensive messaging applications, not oesamheuon. This is an easy and pleasant to the eye and works perfectly on all calls. BcWebCam 2.1
It does the samething, basically because we have means the same as all of its competitors.

Viber doesn’tdo Skype line or not. Indeed, since it does not share those videos or files you can not make video calls, byddwchei that actually makes less than its competitors. So, if you are not regularly useViber Lyon your phone, then really aren’tmany reason to change the application messages.


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MEmu 2.8 64-Bit

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Memu simulate earlier versions of Android operating system (Lollipop and KitKat, with more on the way). It is in other desktop operating system, which means you can run applications and games that are exclusive to Android on other devices. You can also play to mainLingkungan Androidto get a feel for how it works, or the test works as a programmer.

Imitated, but can be used

Note that as Android emulator, memu not the right choice for nekoiigri.Na example, although it may work Pokémon GO (as advertised their website)no desktop GPS (or mobility) is required to actually go around and catch Pokemon. Instead, you have to pay, pretending GPS software, which (as it often is) is contrary to the rules of the game. With this understanding, however, it memusempurna. It simulates the latest version of Android, asand a computer that can handle the task of imitation, and viemozhat to play games and run other applications.

For developers, users,

For some purposes, not memu akanmengganti one phone. But if all you need is to play games or have some special features have Androidapplications, you can do it from your desktop. It is also a great tool for small application developers. If you need to run Android on your desktop, melihatdi here.


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File Download ActiveX 3 Windows XP/7/8/10 installer Download

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Most computers will let you download material from the internet, but there are times when you can not access the files you nees and there are times when your computer simply can not download any one of the reasons (internal or otherwise) ataulain. When things like this happens people turn to present the downloads such as ActiveX download files.

Significantly increase the speed of your downloads

Download files, ActiveX has more features downloadthread kojovozmozhimuat down gyntgan your browser capable. Free Virtual Keyboard 2 He was able to split download into several sections and then downloads several parts at a time. It increases the amount that you are able to download from the seed and does not significantly torrent mempunyaiuntuk install this program. The file downloader is small and light while other programs torrent downloaders and difficult and requires a lot of installation.

Conclusion – excellent downloader

You need to use seriusmempertimbangkanLawrlwythofiles, ActiveX, if you need to download from an unknown location, if you have trouble finding the weapon of choice for the mainstream and if you want downloader Simple and very effective. You could do worse than this tool to scan the file hanyaIngat installation when you download to make sure you have a valid version.


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Free Video Cutter 1 download

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If you want to quickly and easily reduce the video, Free Video Cutter will do the job

Free Video Cutter is a small program does exactly what it says, no frills and extras. It can import and export, MPEG4, DivX, AVI, MOV, FLV or MP3 format (including conversion), with a little effort.

hanyamembuka video files, check to be loaded, and then select a portion of a video that želitekorišćenjem marker. Accuracy depends on the choice of plantsThe import Free Video Cutter- The greater the precision needed to import, but it is more accurately you can edit.

Free Video Cutter has sangatbeberapa choice – you can choose the output format, but there are no quality settings. Also, there is no sound in free Video Cutter, so that should make the cut, just use the image. Sound will be recorded on video, I could not hear it in the application itself. Free Video Editor 1 Download
ironically, you can set the output to MP3and convert audio from video!

Free Video Cutter will be increased if you can import DVD as well, but still very easy to use program that is suitable for cutting a video to YouTube and other

The fastest way to edit AVI (DivX, XviD, MPEG 4), MPEG 1 and 2 video!

Jeslobodan Free Video Editor video editing software that lets you delete unwanted parts from video files without re-encoding.

And “without re-encoding” means without loosingoriginal quality !!! This is lossless video editing, which sangatcepat.

banyakfail supports MPEG: MPEG-1, MPEG-2 and MPEG-4, WMV, MOV, MP4 (MPEG-4), M4V, MPG and FLV, including DivX and XviD.


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