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Apple was widely criticized when it began originally with very buggy and unstable version of Safari for Windows. Things worked much since changed and by Safari 5 with presentations come a long way as a new icon reader for reading easier in one page, page loading times faster and greatly improved support for HTML5 video for better support and stability. all the original features such as tabs at the top for easier page management and Cover Flow to flip through your iTunes style bookmarking sites is behou.Baie cute touch Apple Safari was the first browser for Windows to represent one way of the most striking aspects of Safari . Top Sites shows a thumbnail view of your site’s most popular panoramic one screen. You click on the window you want to visit the site directly. If you are susceptible to the same sites on the basis of day visit, the route is an easy way to find as soon as you open your browser without access to bookmarks. It is also a great way to track which sites you visit the most, and you can find your favorite sites as coal single position that you always know where it is when you open Safari. Sites to show a star in the corner on that with new content so you can see immediately what it will opgedateer.Intussen Cover Flow familiar to all users iTunes, lets you browse your bookmarks distributed by page full of places because they look at the last time you searched for. The principle is based on flipping through albums in iTunes. While this looks cool, it’s useful betwyfel.Maar History Search useful. Enter a word and Safari each page reveals that it is saved with the word – very useful when you can not remember a person’s name or where you hell as game specific sien.Toevoegings Reader you can access all your content to see on one page order can not change the font. There are also so you do not get locked in Google.Ander useful features include Safari search field Tabs on Top it a little easier to access and make your Safari tabs at the top of a variety of search options for Safari. Microsoft Visual C pooh butt torrent You can even drag and drop tabs into another Safari venster.Benewens this, all the standard functions remain in Safari. By clicking on the RSS tag in the URL bar, you can have a look at all the items in a feed, you chronologically or to offer and get a detailed view title kry.Stabiele safari and a user-friendly, most originally from mistakes makes it uncomfortable to use on a computer and are now eliminating browser is very stable and user friendly. HTML5 support has been improved which means you can now HTML5 video to see the entire screen as well as HTML5 geolocation features are now available in Safari gebruikers.Opgevolg in Safari has also made it much easier because more URL bar predictable that actually cached pages Keyword searching and archiving of exactly when you are more accurate and refined view those pages. Speed ​​has always been crucial in Safari and Apple up the speed with which he advanced engine Nitro JavaScript allegedly running much faster than the previous weergawes.Nie best, but certainly the slickest

Safari plug-ins are not available compared to Firefox and Chrome, but there is no denying that Safari brings a touch of style and class to Apple computer.


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